I Remember House Winter Warmer Heats Up Sydney


Winter was made a bit hotter with 22 June’s I Remember House Winter Warmer. The event featured music mixed by DJ Dan Murphy.

The Sydney, NSW-based event was one of the biggest parties in the city. Murphy, who is also a filmmaker as well as a DJ, explained more about the event. “ Sydney’s biggest house party for the gay community and their friends held at the gorgeous Ivy Bar.”

The Ivy Bar is described by Bars and Nightclubs as a “sophisticated urban playground.” The bar is a great place to have a party like the Winter Warmer due to its “intimate corners for private chats and relaxed lounging plus lots of space for dancing the night away.” The Ivy Bar has seen its share of famous visitors. “he Ivy Bar is more likened to an imperial palace, with Sydney elite spending their Friday and Saturday nights winding down or partying hard in the lap of pure luxury and sophistication[.]”

Murphy’s expertise is also something that made the event one of highlights on Sydney’s event schedule. Murphy, whose remix and production work can be heard on “Peachy & Murphy”and “Mystery Blonde”, has worked with major recording artists like George Michael, Kylie Minogue and Dannii Minogue, Kelly Rowland, Adam Lambert, Deborah Cox, David Guetta, Bimbo Jones, Jimmy Somerville, Marcia Hines, RuPaul, The Freemasons, The Young Divas and Inava Day.

Murphy said the event has a large audience, which helped with the promotion. “The party has been running for over five years now so we have a good core audience,” he said. “Our main promotion tool is our email database, and we also use Facebook and Twitter.”

Seeing how big the fanbase is for the event, it’s easy to assume that the interest in the event was extremely high. Murphy backs up this assumption when talking about the event’s success. “The event was a sell-out!” he said. “The best part was that the weather held out for us,” he said. “Ivy Bar is an indoor-outdoor venue so can be very weather dependent.”

If you are planning a similar event, make sure to plan thoroughly. According to Murphy, you can’t plan enough. “Plan, plan, plan!” he said. “Preparation and a long lead time are essential. Start small and grow from there.

You can learn more about Murphy at his website and his Facebook page.

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