Event of the Week: Debutante Brawl


Rosebud Roller Derby Comes out to Play

There were no demure young ladies at this debut. The Debutante Brawl was presented by the Rosebud Rebels Roller Derby on 6 May, 2012, and not a dainty white glove was in sight.

The resurgence of roller derby has taken the world by storm. Amateur teams are popping up just about everywhere. The game is played primarily by women, and involves two teams roller skating on an indoor track, scoring points when the “jammer” laps members of the opposing team. It’s a contact sport, and often involves entertaining elements like players using clever pseudonyms and wearing interesting uniforms.

The Rosebud Rebels are a young league. “Debutante Brawl was our very first bout,” said Erin O’neill, the team’s fundraising coordinator. Due to their location in regional Victoria, they’ve had a little trouble recruiting women for the team. “So we invited four other non-bouting leagues down to create two teams so we could all get the experience of a game without having to wait for enough girls to join,” said O’neill, “A big derby melting pot!”

Since it was their first bout, the Rosebud Rebels weren’t trying to draw big crowds. They didn’t do much promotion. “We wanted to keep it just family and friends, so we just more or less kept it word of mouth with the occasional Facebook update,” said O’neill. Still, they sold all 200 of their available tickets!

O’neill is still figuring out the best way to sell tickets. Currently, she keeps track of how many tickets the girls have taken to sell, and checks them off when the money is collected. She’d like a better system. The Rosebud Rebels have used Eventgroove to supply all of their tickets to date. “Super easy to use the website, great quality printing and über fast delivery!!” said O’neill. She uses the ticket stubs to give away door prizes from local businesses, doubling their usefulness. “We love to support our local community and they love supporting us too!” said O’neill.

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