Social Network


These days it’s easy to catch your friends online. No matter where they live on the globe, people you know and even those you’re just minimally aware of are just a tweet or a status update away. While it’s great to be connected on the internet, sometimes it’s nice to unplug and meet folks in person for a real life social gathering! When you’re ready to plan it, the internet is a great tool, but why not add an additional layer? Make your face-to-face, actual event a reality with professionally printed promotional collateral your guests can touch and see!

Of course, you can order and customize your promotional materials online the easy way using Eventgroove. Our gallery contains hundreds of designs for you to choose from, and it takes only a few clicks of your keyboard to add your own unique details and images. From Posters to Flyers to Invitations and Event Kits, we have you covered. Whether your event is an upscale affair or a dressed down occasion, you’re sure to find the design that is just right for you. It’s so easy, you can probably keep your chat boxes open and keep connecting with your friends, even as you scroll your way through and order the perfect collateral for you.

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