Sydney Celebrates the Year of the Snake


Chinese New Year Celebrations Reign in Sydney’s Social Calendar

Happy Chinese New Year! February 8 marked the official end of the Year of the Dragon and began the Year of the Snake. If you’re in Sydney and want to join in on the Chinese New Year festivities, there are plenty of events for you to choose from. Check out this small smattering of events below.

City of Sydney’s Dragon Boat Races: Humongous 12-metre long, amazingly decorated boats race towards the finish line during the City of Sydney’s Dragon Boat Races at Cockle Bay in Sydney’s Darling Harbour 23 February through 24 February. According to the official site for the Sydney Chinese New Year celebrations, the boat racing has historical significance as a ceremonial tradition and represents the dragons that were believed to rule the waters, clouds, and rain. The huge boats is manned by 20 people and led by a drummer to keep time.

Poon Choy Feast for the Year of the Snake: If you love trying different cuisine, you might be game for attending the Poon Choy Feast for the Year of the Snake at Hingara Chinese Restaurant in Haymarket. The Sydney Chinese New Year site states that Poon Choy, or Basin Feast, originated in rural Hong Kong. The feast was a tradition for Chinese villagers and now, you can enjoy the rare event for yourself! The event was organized by the Chinese Australian Historical Society, and you find contact information by clicking the link above. The feast begins 24 February.

Sydney’s Dragon Ball: If you’re an anime lover, the first thing you’re probably going to think of with the title “Dragon Ball” is the popular manga and anime, but we’re not talking about that kind of Dragon Ball. This type of Dragon Ball is Sydney’s Dragon Ball, a revamped version of the original ball that, according to the site, was a “fixture on the Chinese social calendar from the 1930s to the 1970s.” It was during these events that Chinese debutantes were introduced to society. Today’s Dragon Ball is all about combining the past with the present by infusing contemporary fun and glamour with old-school style and sophistication. This year’s Dragon Ball takes place 23 February at the Centennial Hall in the Sydney Town Hall. More information can be found at the link above.

This Chinese New Year is bound to be a great one! Have fun celebrating!

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