Take a chance! Host a raffle!


Though the final winner may be up to chance, the benefits to your organisation are no surprise. Charity prize draws are a great way to bring funds in for your group. Whether you want to raise donations for victims of natural disasters or you want to provide a gift of money to your local public school, a raffle is fun and effective!

Pick a grand prize that will attract attention. Whether it’s a dream vacation, a brand new car, or a little work around the garden, individuals will be happy to buy in, knowing they’re contributing to a great cause. Pick the perfect Raffle Tickets from Eventgroove, and make your event memorable. When you’re ready to share your event with attendees, browse our gallery of matching Posters, Flyers, Invitations and more to find the right design for your purpose. Our designs are unique, and our printing is professional and fast, so feel confident planning your raffle with us.

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