Unconventional Fundraising Ideas


Use Unconventional Fundraisers to Make Your Event Memorable

Deciding to have a fundraiser is the easy part of fundraising. The real questions begin when you’re trying to decide just what kind of fundraiser to have. You could do something like a standard raffle, silent auction, car wash, or bake sale, but if you really want to stay in the minds of your guests, what about doing something unconventional?

FundraisingIP.com has over 100 unique ideas for fundraisers, ideas that could be used as your jumping-off point for brainstorming. One idea includes holding a talent show or variety show, which could be great for schools or camps to feature the talents of their students. A talent show could also be used to showcase the entire community by featuring local talent and promoting local businesses as sponsors.

If you are near the beach, it would be cool to host a sand sculpture fundraiser. FundraisingIP suggests hiring a professional sand sculptor to provide an advertising draw and to show the participants an example of a proper sculpture. This kind of event would be great for groups as well as individuals.

The seasons themselves can provide inspiration for your fundraiser. Seasonal fundraisers are fun for attendees, but they’re also easy to create. For instance, a spring fundraiser can include garden-themed prizes like a garden starter kit or a basket of spring-themed prizes. Or, as FundraiserHelp suggests, you could invite people to buy pumpkins from a pumpkin patch for Halloween or sell wreaths for Christmas.

You could also raise money with the promise of someone feeling some pain. That sounds brutal, but you’d be surprised how much money you could raise when a principal, coach, mayor, or other prominent member has signed on to get dunked in a tank, had their head shaved, or accomplish some type of humiliating task. FundraisingIP states that asking attendees to pay a dollar as a vote for which tough task the person of honor will have to complete, but if you want to take the fundraiser up an notch, you could turn the event into a live auction, with the highest bidder determining what the person does. Remember though, that everything’s all in good fun and for a good cause.

These are just some ideas you could utilise to create a memorable event and a successful fundraiser. There are tons of unconventional fundraiser ideas out there aside from these, though; doing some research and polling your organisation for suggestions will help you figure out which fundraiser is the best fit for you.


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