Veteran Musicians Perform to Full Crowd


Musicians Keith “Stretch” Kerwin, Michael Stangel, John Dallimore and Kare Berg performed their first big show as a supergroup in Geelong, Victoria. The concert, which took place at Geelong’s House of Rock and Blues the 11th of July, gave over 200 music fans a night of awesome music and showmanship.

The artists have made their names with other musical acts before coming together. “The event was our first paid gig and it was a full house,” said Stangel. “We all have played in many well-known bands and I was in the top 12 of the Voice last year. We played some good old 70s rock from artists like Hendrix, Stevie Ray , the Rolling Stones, etc.”

Stangel has worked in the music industry for 25 years as a singer, drummer, and producer who has written for many musicians including Shannon Noll, Dean Geyer, and The Veronicas. Kerwin has been the guitarist for Jon English’s Foster Brothers. He has also played guitar, bass and has written songs for Jon English, Renee Geyer, Doug Parkinson, Jeff St. John, Norman Gunston, and many more. Dallimore is one of the biggest guitarists in Australia, as well as a native of Geelong. He has worked with Redhouse, his own band Dallimore, as well as with Max Merrit and Jon English and the Foster Brothers. Berg, originally from Norway, is a guitarist, bassist and producer known for his close work with the Marco Goldsmith Band.

To get the word out about the event, Stangel said that social media was one of the big promotional methods. “We used mostly Facebook and some newspaper ads and ended up with two editorials,” he said. “We printed 100 posters and distributed them to music shop and miso hangouts.”

The venue could hold 250 people, and the group ended up with a nearly-sold out show. “We got 225 people,” said Stangel. “The turnout was the best seeing some old faces that were starving for the old Melbourne band atmosphere,” he said.

If you’re planning a concert, Stangel commended his experience with online ticketing. “Also focus on your social media following in the area you would be playing,” he said. “Don’t be afraid to use people who are friends to share as much as they can to broaden the reach.”


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