Ways to Use Leftover Champagne


How to Incorporate New Year’s Champagne into Everyday Dishes

New Year’s Eve is full of fun, partying, and champagne. If you had a huge party, more than likely, you bought a lot of champagne for your guests. However, due to that party, might also have a lot of leftover champagne, and you can only drink so much. What can you do with all of that champagne? Use it for cooking!

According to Homecooking.about.com, using champagne is just like cooking with wine. As long as your champagne isn’t a week old, your leftovers will work well as an ingredient in tons of recipes.

There are quite a lot of staple foods you can successfully cook with champagne. People don’t typically think about using champagne with ham, but one recipe, Baked Ham in Champagne, gives your ham glaze a spritzy twist. Another staple recipe, French Onion Soup, gets a fresh addition with champagne stirred into the caramelized onions.

Hot dogs become a bit more than a baseball treat with Champagne Kraut. Champagne and pineapple are added to traditional sauerkraut to give it a tropical pop of flavor. Salmon, which is great on its own, can be given even more sophistication with an infusion of champagne, as shown on Cake Batter and Bowl.

If you’re a fan of sauces and gravies, you can add some of your leftover champagne to your favorite gravy or sauce recipe. One recipe you could try is Simply Recipes’ Champagne Mushroom Sauce. The sauce is made with dried porcini mushrooms, which also increases the classiness of the sauce.

Classic risotto can also have a dash of champagne added to it. Giada De Laurentiis has a recipe for Champagne Risotto that combines Italian ingredients such as prosciutto and Parmesan cheese with the French sparkling drink.

Champagne can also be added to your favorite desserts. Sweetapolita’s Champagne Cake Pops, Champagne Jello, and Champagne Sorbet are all ways to jazz up your sweet treats.

Of course, champagne can also be used in other cocktails, such as Food and Wine’s Southside Royale, which combines the lightness of champagne with the strength of gin.

Don’t let your leftover champagne go to waste! With so many different options to choose from, the ways to use champagne are seemingly endless. Whether you use it in cocktails, desserts, appetizers, main courses, or just pour it straight into a glass, champagne is bound to give your meals an extra kick.

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