What's so great about event tickets?

At Eventgroove, we firmly believe that there's more to ticket printing than "admit one".

Event tickets in all their forms—digital, mobile, professionally printed—represent your event, your brand, and your mission. Through graphics and text, they inspire anticipation and excitement as well as deliver smooth entry on the day of.

Great event tickets create a lasting connection with your guests. They serve as an official first impression, making them much more than just "admit one," and after the event, printed event tickets live on as souvenirs of an experience to remember. Tucked into mirror frames or carefully preserved in scrapbooks, they keep people thinking and talking about your event for years to come.

That's what event tickets can do!

Tickets—specifically, raffle tickets—kill it at fundraising. After over two decades in the raffle ticket printing business with millions of tickets sold, we can safely say that a raffle’s fundraising power is unmatched. In 2019 alone, we sold over 50 million raffle tickets—that amounts to loads of money successfully raised for important causes!

A key component to a successful raffle is the raffle ticket itself. Like an event ticket, a raffle ticket reflects your cause and organisation. By presenting your draw in an on-brand, professional-looking package, a raffle ticket lends credibility to your fundraiser, helping you sell more tickets and reach your fundraising goal. To this end, Eventgroove raffle tickets are not only top quality, but they come standard with clean-tearing stubs and unique numbering, features that help ensure your raffle stays organised and secure.

At Eventgroove, we’re so committed to providing exceptional customer service and professional ticket printing at an affordable price that we back every order with a satisfaction guarantee! Of course, printed event and raffle tickets aren't the only way for guests to gain admission to an event or support a cause. Our all-inclusive platform for events and fundraising provides the tools to help you manage your online fundraiser, including selling raffle tickets online whose look echoes that of your printed collateral.

Our mission? Helping you host wildly successful events and fundraisers with economy and style. Because you want to do more than just "admit one”.

Trust us with your event and raffle tickets.

Incredibly low prices, top-quality products, and super-helpful customer service have made Eventgroove the #1 trusted print-on-demand and ticket printing leader since 1997. Originally under the TicketRiver brand, we’ve helped millions of customers with their printing needs, from posters, wristbands, and raffle tickets to invitations, flyers, and postcards—anything they need for their events and fundraisers. If you are a new customer, please consider engaging us for your next order of event tickets, raffle tickets, posters, coupons, event badges, merchandise, or whatever you need printed quickly and professionally!

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Lance Trebesch

About Eventgroove Fundraising:

Eventgroove is the leading one-stop integrated platform designed and built to help customers amplify their brand and execute wildly successful fundraisers.

So, what does all that mean for customers? Using Eventgroove, you can build mobile-friendly fundraising pages hosted on a custom URL branded to your organisation, from logo to messaging to images. From that single interface, hosting online and hybrid fundraisers and selling branded merchandise becomes a cohesive experience. In addition, our fundraising tools are second to none—organisers can crowdfund as well as host online auctions, raffles, A-thons, sweepstakes, sales, and peer-to-peer fundraisers in any combination, all in one place. Donor and attendee data is always secure, with metrics and analytics easily accessible. Plus, organisers can enable their team to pitch in by specifying roles and managing access to their events.

Whether your fundraiser is virtual or hybrid, Eventgroove is built to scale and is extremely user friendly. Setting up and hosting events requires no design or tech skills, and Eventgroove comes with the best customer support. To use Eventgroove, there is zero cost for the organiser—no setup fees, hidden costs, or contracts, ever.

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