Birdwood Warmup Benefitting Down Syndrome Society of South Australia


The Birdwood Warmup Down Syndrome Fundraiser Benefitting the Down Syndrome Society of South Australia

South Australia’s music fans were given a show with a cause with the 9th of April’s the Birdwood Warmup. The event, as stated by Vicki Biber, Entertainment and Events Coordinator for Choose Your Cruise, is an annual occurrence that helps those with special needs. “The Birdwood Warmup is a yearly charity event held in conjunction with the Rock n’ Roll Rendezvous held at the National Motor Museum at Birdwood,” she wrote. “It was initially introduced to give interstate visitors a full weekend of entertainment rather than just the one Sunday event.  All profits are donated to the Down Syndrome Society of South Australia.”

Down Syndrome Society of South Australia

The Down Syndrome Society of South Australia was founded in 1974 and, as its site states, gives individuals with Down syndrome, their families, and their carers “a broad range of services, from Early Intervention and Family Support, through to preschool and school support to post-secondary Life Education, vital leisure and recreation and respite programs.” The society also provides training, education, and development for health professionals. The society’s mission is to spread awareness, acceptance, and education for Australians about Down syndrome. “We believe that people with Down syndrome have individual differences, abilities, and needs,” states the site, also stating that people with Down syndrome should be given the respect they deserve as well as proper access to the types of support they need.

Birdwood Warmup Down Syndrome Fundraiser

Biber wrote that the Birdwood Warmup has a huge fanbase. “The Birdwood Warmup has been running for six years and is generally sold out months ahead to patrons who have attended in previous years,” she wrote. “The National Motor Museum include details on the back of their flyer and I usually post a reminder on my personal Facebook page.  No other marketing is required.”

Biber wrote that this year, a few other big events became competition for the Birdwood Warmup, but still, the patrons had a good time. “The best part of the event was a busload of Victorians who travelled over to South Australia to attend the weekend,” she wrote. “They visited the Barossa Valley, Haigh’s chocolate factory, Hahndorf and the two rock n roll events.  The other highlight was the performance of the Melbourne band Itchy Fingers”. But, because of the event’s conflict with other events, Biber wrote that it’s best to make sure “nothing else is planned on the same date.”

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