Raffle of the Week: Heilani Productions Annual Luau


Heilani Productions put on a fantastic show with their 16th January’s Annual Luau Fundraiser Showcase. The showcase featured performances by the Heilani Polynesian School of Arts as well as a raffle for a trip to Hawaii.

Lelani Tahiata of Heilani Productions wrote in an email interview that the event helped the organisation preserve its mission of educating Australians about Polynesian culture. “Our annual event helps us to maintain, preserve, and restore our Polynesian cultural traditions, arts, and heritage, through creative dance, music, costumes, song, and performances whether they be charitable, professional, or within our local Communities,” she wrote.  “Heilani Polynesian School of Arts provides scholarships, incentives, and many other opportunities; apart from performance ~ for young, aspiring dancers and musicians, to disadvantaged young people and families in our Logan Community.”  Tahiata wrote that the organisation’s ultimate goal is “to inspire hope, and restore a love and renewed pride, passion and confidence for traditions sometimes deemed lost today.”

The students of the Heilani Polynesian School of Arts helped spread the word about the fundraising event. “The students were all required to buy sell a minimum of 10 tickets as their contribution to the fundraising efforts,” she wrote. Tahiata wrote that along with the student requirement, the organisation posted a flyer to Facebook and shared it to their audience and beyond. The organisation also took to email to attract their audience. “We sent out an email blast to people that we have helped in the past to return the favour,” wrote Tahiata.

All of the hard work made for a fantastic event. “The event went great,” wrote Tahiata. “We had a beautiful venue and great helpers. The refreshments were a hit, passed out by our greeters dressed in traditional costumes, while waiting for doors to open.” Two of the highlights of the event included the performances (of course), and waiting to see who would be the big winner of the Hawaii trip. “Every ticket went in the draw to ‘Win a Trip for Two to Hawaii’ which was a big hit & we also had great door prizes,” she wrote. “The student performances were excellent and fresh and new, as well as colourful vibrant new costumes.”

Tahiata wrote that one way to have a successful event is to have an amazing team supporting your vision. “Have a great team to support you, and a drive to achieve your goal for the event!” she wrote.

You can learn more about Heilani Productions and the Heilani Polynesian School of Arts at their website.

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