Raffle Ticket Laws

When is a permit required to hold a raffle?

According to the ACT Gambling and Racing Commission, "A raffle is any lottery, scheme or arrangement involving the distribution of prizes in which prize winners are determined by means which include an element of chance or a mixture of skill and chance. A raffle usually involves the sale of tickets followed by a draw to determine the winners of certain pre-determined prizes. A prize includes anything of value or benefit."

A permit or approval is required if the raffle fits into the description above. Raffles that do not fit into the description above may be exempt. Specific provisions of the Lotteries Act 1964 will ultimately determine whether a raffle may be considered as an "exempt lottery." To obtain a copy of the legislation, an application form, or more information regarding permits and raffle requirements, visit the ACT Gambling and Racing Commission's site at: https://www.gamblingandracing.act.gov.au/industry/lotteries.

Contact Information

You can contact the Lotteries Officer at the Gambling and Racing Commission by phone (02) 6207 0361 or fax (02) 6207 7390 or e-mail [email protected]

Specific Ticket Requirements

All tickets requiring a permit must include the following information:

  • Permit number issued by the Commission.
  • Details including:
    • The benefiting person or organisation.
    • The purpose for which the raffle is to be conducted.
    • Full list of prizes and their retail or market value.
    • Any conditions attached to the prizes.
    • A sequential number.
    • The date, time and location of the draw.
    • Where and when the results will be published or how and when winners will be advised.

If the benefiting person or organisation is a non-profit, the specific ticket requirements listed above only apply if an individual prize has a value greater than or equal to $2,000.

Again, please visit the ACT Gambling and Racing Commission's site listed below for more important legal information. Download and carefully review the Information and Conditions Form on the page before purchasing tickets and holding your raffle.

ACT Gambling and Racing Commission Site (Lotteries):