Dance Event VIP Passes

Ballet, ballroom, modern, or whatever your flavour, the dance event VIP passes for your next performance are right here. Choose any of our dance event VIP pass templates, then drop in your text and, when an option, images and logos. Your order custom prints on quality card stock and ships in one business day. Don’t see the dance event VIP passes you envisioned? Our friendly team would be delighted to create a bespoke design. To get started, ring 1 800 796 003.
  • Complement your performance’s theme—there are loads of dance event VIP pass templates from which to choose!
  • Create a cohesive look for your event. Matching raffle tickets, posters, and more are available. Plus, nonprofits get 10% off.
  • Choose from among a variety of paper media, including UV security cover stock.
  • Expect fast turnaround (most orders process within one business day) and shipping.
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Displaying: 1-29 of 29