Fundraiser and Charity Event VIP Passes

Thank sponsors and special supporters with fundraiser and charity event VIP passes. Printed with all the thoughtful perks you've planned (like complimentary bubbly), they’ll help deliver a great experience. Available in a wide variety of themes, our fundraiser and charity event VIP passes cover anything from animal welfare benefits to health-specific and gender causes. Find the right one for your event and customise in minutes. Can't find exactly the right VIP pass template? Call our friendly team at 1 800 796 003 or access a LiveChat.
  • Save money through our low prices. Plus, nonprofits get 10% off!
  • Complement your fundraiser’s theme—choose from over 60 fundraiser and charity event VIP pass template designs.
  • Expect fast turnaround (most orders process within one business day) and shipping.
  • Create a polished look for your event with matching raffle tickets, posters, and more.
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Displaying: 1-48 of 65