A Day at the Races


Shout Out Loud crossed the finish line this week at the Darwin Cup, raking in a not so small prize of $160,000! If you’re stoked to see the Darwin Cup, the Melbourne Cup or any race in between, you may be ready to throw a race day party. These events give you the perfect reason to celebrate, and you’ll feel like you’re in the winner’s circle when you pull off the perfect occasion to pair with your favorite pastime. So, get in the event planning saddle, and get out of the starting gate with grace and speed.

When it’s time to plan your big day, Eventgroove is here. With many designs to choose from, including designs specifically created for patrons of the races, you’re sure to find the right promotional material to fit your needs. Whether you’re planning a small party in your flat and require themed Invitations, or you plan on hosting a huge event and need to advertise with Posters and Flyers, we’ve got what you need. Customize with your own text to keep your collateral unique. Once you’ve customised your promotional materials, and they’ve gone to print, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your order arrives. Maybe not as fast as the horse you’ve picked, but in plenty of time to see it win!

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