Anzac Day


Get your poppies and rosemary ready, because Anzac Day is coming up soon. There will surely be tons of parties and events around the country. You might already have your own event planned. However, if you’re reading this and you’re still wondering if you should set up your own Anzac Day celebration without the proper posters or tickets, what are you waiting for? We’ve got the right materials to get you ahead on your Anzac Day planning.

If you’re new to Australia and you’re not familiar with Anzac Day, here’s a small primer. Anzac Day is a holiday celebrated in Australia and New Zealand. The day commemorates the lives of Australians and New Zealanders who have fought and died during warfare. The holiday originated as a way to honour those who served in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought during World War I at Gallipoli in the Ottoman Empire. Today, the day came to honor all men and women who have died while in service.

Eventgroove has a ton of ticket, flyer, and poster designs for your personal parties, concerts, raffles, fairs, and other types of events, but we also have specially-designed Anzac Day materials for your commemorative events. By clicking here, you can see our line of Anzac Day products, including Anzac Day drink tickets, VIP passes, invitations, raffle tickets, posters, flyers, and general admission tickets.

All of our Anzac Day products are designed with red poppies, the flower used to remember those who have died in battle. The design also features a silhouette of a soldier with his head bowed in reverence.

If you’re celebrating Anzac Day, but you want a much more general design, you can browse our other products that feature red as a prominent color (in order to keep with the red poppy theme). Some of our red-colored products include our Red Image General Admission Ticket, our Red Logo Flyer, our Paint the Town Red Invitation, and our Red Shopping Gift Certificate.

Anzac Day is happening on the 25th of April, so if you’re still working on setting up your Anzac Day parties, raffles, concerts or other types of events, we’ve got everything you need for an awesome time. How are you planning on celebrating Anzac Day? Give us your celebration ideas in the comments section!

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