Event of the Week: Cardinia Cricket Club Family Day


$1000 Draw Funds The Cardy Bulls

Victoria’s Cardinia Cricket Club celebrated Family Day the 17th of February. The event also included the Cardy Bulls Annual $1000 Draw. The reverse draw went far in helping support the club and their future endeavors.

According to the club’s official site, the Cardinia Cricket Club is affiliated with cricket organisations Country Gippsland, Kookaburra Statewide Twenty20, and the West Gippsland Cricket Association. Gary Glen of the Cardinia Cricket Club explained more about the cricket club. “We are a cricket club based just outside of Pakenham… Cardinia,” he said.  The small town has only a population of 449, according to the 2011 census, but the town’s team is one of the best around. The town has a general store and a primary school that has about 160 kids that go to it,” he said. “e have three senior and three junior sides have been the most successful club in the West Gippsland Cricket Association over the last 10 years.”

In order to spread the word about their reverse draw, Glen said the club used utilized their club rooms’ space as well as the power of social media.  “We had flyers posted in the club rooms and posted it on Facebook,” he said. “We received the tickets 10 days before the event, we managed to sell around 170 tickets in that time. his was a record of tickets sold for this event.”

With the club achieving a record number of sales, it goes without saying that the draw was already a success. Glen said the club “over-exceeded our expectations” with the event. “his helped us raise $2500 for the club,” he said.

“Everything was great,” said Glen about the event. He also said the best thing about the event was a very special cricket match. “We had on the day,” he said. “his helped us sell more tickets. ormally we would sell 100 tickets only…by having raffle tickets we were able to sell more tickets.”

There are plenty of cricket clubs who would probably like to put on an event such as this one, If that’s the case, Glen has some advice, particularly about preparing and selling tickets. “The tickets were a last minute idea, next time we would start selling them one month before the event,” he said.

If you’d like to learn more about the Cardinia Cricket Club and their stats for the season, make sure to check out the official site.

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