Event of the Week: 70s Zumba Party at Ela Rose Latin Dance Academy


A Dance Event With Purpose!

Eventgroove was great! The reason I have used your company is due to the fact that you are efficient in getting the tickets to me, and they are as I had seen in the preview of when I had ordered them. I liked the fact that we could start selling them pretty much within a couple of days from when I ordered them.

~Sharon Magri, Ela Rose Latin Dance Academy

On 20 August, Sharon Magri and EPR productions hosted the ’70s Zumba Party. Sharon explained to me, “Our organisation is called Ela Rose Latin Dance Academy and specialises in Latin dance. The Director Emilio is an experienced and well known choreographer who has also become a Zumba Instructor.

Zumba is a Latin inspired dance and fitness program that encourages participants to get up and move in a fun and inspiring environment.

“The event ’70s Zumba Party’ was developed for the people who enjoyed doing the Zumba classes plus enjoyed the talent of Emilio’s dancing, so we created this event.” The party included live entertainment and live percussion. Participants had the freedom to dance or rest and enjoy the celebratory atmosphere.

For the event, the team chose the black and white general admission ticket, a simple, classic ticket with a detachable stub and plenty of room for event information.

How did Sharon and the organisers sell tickets? “The tactics we used to sell the tickets were through word of mouth, brochures, the website and of course during the Zumba classes. This worked really well.”

“The highlights of the event were the people and the energy they brought with them as they watched, joined in and just has the best time they could possibly have whilst keeping fit. Also the fact that the feedback was positive. Everything went as planned, the main focus of the event was that the people had a great time, which they did, and so, Emilio and his crew were really pleased with the outcome.”

What advice would Sharon share with someone planning a similar event? She and the organisers emphasized the importance of word of mouth advertising. “The advice would be, if you are offering an event with a bit of flair and excitement, be sure to relay that excitement in person with the people, as word of mouth is much stronger than any advertising brochures or flyers.

“People tend to listen to others and remember what opinions they have about an event, they will also tend to talk to each other. Instead of having one or two people from a group come to the event, you may end up with a whole lot more just from people talking about your event.”

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