Event of the Week: A Masquerade Party


Charity Fundraiser to Cure Childhood Cancer

Hayley Engelbrecht set out to raise $1000 to aid in the search for a cure for childhood cancer. She ended up raising more than four times that amount, and had a great time doing it.

Her family hosted a family-friendly masquerade party on 7 July. “ had children’s face painting and activities, door prizes, auctions, raffles, food and alcohol, and lots of merriment with a resident DJ,” said Engelbrecht. The money raised went to The Telethon Adventurers, an organization that raises funds “to find a cause, ultimately a cure for childhood cancer.” Individuals raise a targeted amount to go towards the group’s target. The 2012 fundraising target in $2 million.

Engelbrecht’s event was a lot of fun. “The highlight was not just how much money we raised, but the fact that we did it in a manner which allowed families/couples to have an amazing, entertaining night out in the process,” said Engelbrecht.

Engelbrecht preferred hosting a party instead of just asking for donations. She points out that “In current times, people are donating to so many various types of charities, that it becomes a hardship.  Giving people something for their money makes it more appealing and definitely more enjoyable.”

She marketed the event by inviting people from the local Catholic primary and high schools and parish. “Our event was by invitation only, as we had limited spaces. The event was catered for 250 people, so she didn’t issue blanket invitations. “We predominantly used Facebook for updating people, highlighting details, explaining dress codes,” she said, “…It was a private event page to keep it under control, so individuals/groups were invited and accepted.”

Engelbrecht also used Facebook to feature the tickets she purchased from Eventgroove. “WE took photos of our tickets, and posted them on the page. They were so impressive and professional that they had an immediate effect and people began purchasing tickets.” Once she found Eventgroove, she already had invitations. “We had created our own invitations for the event…. Once going on Eventgroove’s web page, I immediately regretted not having found the site sooner, as I feel it would have had such an immediate effect if we had used both invitations and tickets from the packaged deals offered by Eventgroove.”

The event was a tremendous success. “My goal was to fundraise $1,000 but we ended up raising $4,500, which was an amazing effort,” said Engelbrecht.

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