Event of the Week: Corpus Christi Netball Club Raffle



Corpus Christi Netball Club Fundraiser Provides Fun, Cool Prizes

The Corpus Christi Netball Club recently held a fundraising raffle the 4th of May. The prizes up for grabs included an iPad Mini, personal training package from Leap, beauty voucher from Linda’s Ultimate Image, a compact digital camera and boot camp sessions with Leap. Joanne Attard, the president of the club, said the event was a huge success.

If you aren’t familiar with the Corpus Christi Netball Club, Attard explained more about the group. “Corpus Christi Netball Club has supported the community of Cranebrook and Penrith since 1994, with a strong and loyal membership with many long standing members and a number of life members,” she said. “This year we hold 16 teams; eight Junior and eight Senior teams. Wearing the colours Red & Black with a splash of white; our emblem represents sails unfolding, indicative of Australia being surrounded by water and also the unfurling of a strong spirit.”

Attard also talked about the group’s goals. “This year Corpus Christi Netball Club’s goals are to guide, nurture, develop and support the girls, women and men of Cranebrook and Penrith Districts in the sport of netball in a friendly and family orientated environment,” she said. “We are very proud of our tradition of training, guiding and encouraging our younger girls in their netball careers; building stronger friendships.”

The fundraising tickets were used to help with registration, said Attard. “The tickets were more for a fundraising effort that we do that is included as part of the registration process,” she said. “We used them to give to our members as part of our fundraising efforts for 2013. We have our members pay for them upfront and they then have the choice to either fill them out in their own names, or on sell them to family & friends.”

The tickets were sold within the group. “No real marketing or tactics – it is offered to our members,” said Attard. “We don’t advertise to anyone other than our club members and the rest is up to them.”

Attard said the fundraiser went over extremely well. “ drawing of the raffle was exciting purely as we all hoped someone we knew who won the prizes,” she said. “We had five prizes all up and the winners were notified immediately. Big smiles all round.”

If anyone’s looking to create an event similar to this, Attard’s piece of advice is to “e organised!”

You can connect with the Corpus Christi Netball Club at their Facebook page.

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