Event of the Week: Doxa Racing Lunch


Doxa Youth Foundation Hold Doxa Racing Lunch to Increase Awareness about Community Service

The Doxa Youth Foundation increased awareness about the organisation and its dedication to community service and helping disadvantaged youth during their Doxa Racing Lunch, held on the 6th of March. At the event, which took place in the Atrium room at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, Victoria, guests heard uplifting stories from those helped by the foundation as well as how they can help the foundation positively affect lives.

Daniel Findley, Chief Executive Officer for the foundation, wrote in an email interview that the lunch was not only created to help educate the public, but to act as a fundraiser for the foundation. “ore than 300 guests joined us to hear about the importance of our work in the community and enjoy exclusive insight in to the world of racing with superstar jockey Tommy Berry,” he wrote. “Events like the Racing Lunch provide Doxa with some level of financial certainty that enables us to offer innovative and aspirational opportunities for young people facing disadvantage. The generosity of the wider community is invaluable to Doxa, and the young people we support as they embark on their journey to greatness.”

Promotion for the lunch was approached through three avenues, which Findley listed as electronic direct mail, printed invitations, and direct marketing to Doxa members and supporters as well as previous attendees. The tickets were also an important aspect to the promotional strategy. “The tickets we ordered…were used for a raffle during the event,” Findley wrote. “The product was very important as it was an integral fundraising tool we used to engage our guests.”

The event featured many emotional stories, including stories told by Berry and a young person who has been supported by Doxa. “Tommy Berry’s intimate account of his life both within the racing industry and away from it was entertaining, insightful, emotional and inspiring,” wrote Findley. “Doxa cadet Melina Nheng also shared stories about Doxa’s role in helping her achieve personal greatness against the odds. With a courageous story to share, Melina enchanted the audience with tales of her Doxa journey and how it’s helping her to realise the life that she dreams of.”

If you have a lunch or dinner event coming up, Findley has some helpful suggestions for you. “It would be worthwhile to have comprehensive forward planning and well-resourced tools available,” he wrote. He outlined several promotional tactics that he’d recommend, including implementing PR strategies in advance and integrating communications plans across all platforms.

You can learn more about the Doxa Youth Foundation at its website. You can also follow the foundation on Facebook and Twitter.

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