Event of the Week: Hip Hop Halloween


Event Tickets for a Different Scene

assured people our event was real and attracted even more customers. Tickets get passed around to a lot of different people. If we did not use Eventgroove we would have a smaller crowd.

~Marla Hunter, Pretty Like Money

Friday 28th October,
the Hip Hop Halloween 2 Costume Party took place at the Beach House in Garden City. The event was promoted by Pretty Like Money. “Our organization is based in Brisbane. We do night club events based around urban music; we also have merchandise,” Marla told me.

“Our event was a Halloween costume party attracting uni students and urban music lovers looking for a different scene. Unfortunately, we have not branched out into fundraising just yet but hope to do so in the near future.”

For the event, Marla’s team chose the Halloween General Admission Ticket. The black and white ticket features a spooky, haunted mansion with the full moon rising behind it. A freaky font proclaims the title of the event and all its information. With a detachable stub and individual numbering, the ticket makes it easy to keep track of attendees and manage door prizes and raffles.

“We use tickets to create more awareness of our events. We use them to pre-sell and also to give away to people who have not heard of our organization. It is another way to assure our consumer after they have seen posters and posts on the net. They have proven to work very well. We use them for every event.”

Marla and her team recognize the importance of professionally printed tickets and collateral. They lend legitimacy to the event and raise its profile with attendees. The tickets are printed with the event information and the name of the promotion company, so that attendees will remember who created the event. If they have a good time at the original event, attendees are more likely to purchase tickets for others put on by the same organization.

To promote their event, Pretty like Money turned to the web. They used net posters on their website and social networking. Facebook Events allowed the company to share news of the Hip Hop Halloween 2 party with a wide audience.

For those planning similar events, Marla offers this advice, “Stay positive, and stay focused.”

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