Event of the Week: Maia Outrigger Canoe Club Movie Fundraiser


You Don’t Need to Be Pretty to Become Awesome

According to the Maia Outrigger Canoe Club’s website, in Maori “maia” means to be brave, bold, capable and confident. Four qualities that are necessary if you’re going to take an outrigger canoe into the ocean.

Outrigger canoes are an important part of Polynesian culture, and were historically used to travel the seas. The canoes have at least one floating support off the side: outriggers. These increase the canoe’s stability. Outrigger canoe racing is now a popular sport. The Maia Outrigger Canoe Club began in 2011, and they want to do more than win races.

The club is a not-for-profit endeavor, and has social goals as well as sport. Their mission includes community engagement and connection. “We aim to use outrigger canoeing as a tool to assist those within the community that are looking to become less socially isolated and want to improve not only their health and fitness but to also increase and foster valuable life skills and qualities such as leadership, communication skills, working as a team, discipline and self esteem,” says the group’s website. In addition to training and racing, the club also offers outrigger canoeing experiences to local kids.

Having Fun, Raising Funds

This year the club began trying to raise funds for a second six-paddler canoe and safety equipment. They needed $1900 to purchase a canoe from another club. One of the ways they raised funds was by having a movie fundraiser at Hoyts Cinema in Eastgardens. They sold tickets to The Avengers. “If you are doing a movie fundraiser, make sure the movie will be a popular one,” said the Maia Outriggers Canoe Club.

They marketed the event by word-of-mouth, which worked well. They sold tickets to their friends, families, and work colleagues. The Eventgroove tickets “gave it a professional look,” said the Maia Outriggers Canoe Club . “Having tickets made it easier for us to track how many tickets had been sold,” they added.

The event was a success. The money was raised, and the club purchased their second canoe. As noted on the Maia Outrigger Canoe Club’s blog, the new canoe might not win any beauty contests, but, “what hey…you don”t need pretty to become awesome aye…just as long as it floats, we will be very happy.”

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