Event of the Week: Musicland’s MUSICFEST 2013


Musicland’s Two Day Event Included Tribute and Original Bands

MUSICFEST, held in Fawkner, Victoria, was a weekend that included tribute shows and original music during the 29th and 30th of June. The event, created and produced by Musicland, gave music lovers a wide variety of music to enjoy over the weekend.

If you’re not in the know about Musicland, Catherine Rohotas of Musicland explained more about the venue. “Musicland is a live music venue that caters for all genres of music. It was built by musos for musicians and music lovers.  It’s a Music Complex with something for everyone, including two stages, a music shop, live recording and videoing facilities and rehearsal studios, plus more…. It’s got a warm friendly atmosphere and is open most nights of the week[.]

Rohotas said that in order to get the word across, the mailing list, Facebook and online advertising was used, as well as in-house advertising among other methods. The bands themselves also helped spread the word about the event.

“The best is usually in-house and our mailing list, as we don’t have to convince them how good Musicland is–they already know,” she said. “We also did pre-sale tickets and gave away tickets…We designed the tickets ourselves and may I say, they were really good quality when they arrived… very impressed.

Rohotas talked glowingly of how the event turned out. “The event was awesome! really good success. In fact took me two days to recover.”

“We had 40 bands playing over two stages[.] Saturday was mainly, hard rock to metal, tribute and original. We had some of the best tribute shows around, like British Steel, Made in Purple, Coverdale, as well as original bands like La Femme, Eyefear, and Killshott. It was an amazing day and night of music,” said Rohotas. “On Sunday it was more country, blues, alternative. Again tribute bands like Narvana and Creedence Clearwater, Johny Cash, plus legends like Ross Hannaford, Geoff Achison, and more.We must have had over 600 people through the doors over the weekend….and there will be more to come.”

Rohotas gave advice for anyone who wants to create an event similar to MUSICFEST. “Most of the work gets done, weeks prior to the gig,” she said. “Don’t sweat the small stuff, and try hard not to be a control freak. Everything gets there in the end. But most of all, enjoy the process!

You can learn more about Musicland at their website.

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