Event of the Week: The Boston Bay Bassarama Celebrates Australia Day


Beach Party Held By Grand Tasman Hotel Features Area DJs

Australia Day was celebrated in grand style during the Grand Tasman Hotel’s Boston Bay Bassarama. The beach party—especially unique since the “beach” was created with 200 tonne of sand—featured DJs Robbie Spags, Bresby Harts, Marek, Henry Wilson, and Jed Castley pumping party jams that got people in the celebratory mood.

Michael Griffiths, the manager of the Grand Tasman Hotel, talked more about the event and how the makeshift beach was created at the hotel. “ licensed event held in the rear carpark of the hotel, on 200 tonne of sand,” he said. “Four Adelaide and two local DJ’s on a truck stager playing to guests, who bought food and beverage tickets, then spent them over two allocated bars. Potted plants were hired, as well as chairs and tables brought out to create an alfresco beach feel.”

The Grand Tasman Hotel, based in Port London, South Australia, is great for those visiting the area (as well as those looking to celebrate events like Australia Day). The hotel’s rooms feature fantastic balcony views overlooking the Boston Bay. The hotel keeps its patrons excited with its selection of state-of-the-art gaming machines, giveaways, and promotions. The hotel is also a member of Australia-wide Jackpot Club. The hotel offers dining options that feature the area’s seafood, fresh produce, and local wines. For true wine connoisseurs, the Grand Tasman Cellars, a partner in the Bottlemart Group, provide patrons with a huge selection of wines and beers.

The big Australia Day bash was promoted through local and online means. “Facebook, TV, local radio, weekend flyer ,” said Griffiths. “Radio is very effective.”

Everyone at the party seemed to have had a great time celebrating the founding of the country. “ a huge success,” he said. “ 1000 guests, with minimal to zero incidences.”

The success of the Boston Day Bassarama is looking to be repeated with more events coming throughout the year “with some exciting additions,” said Griffiths.

If you’re looking to create an event similar to the Boston Bay Bassarama, Griffiths says to be through. “Keep it safe, and be thorough with applications,” he said. “It’s not about brown-nosing, more to do with pitching a humble angle, with emphasis on improving the community in a positive way (e.g non-for-profit fundraising etc).”

You can learn more about the Grand Tasman Hotel at their website.

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