Event of the Week: Walkabout for Change


Raffle for Eight Day Trek Benefits Indigenous Community Volunteers

A raffle for a good cause took place the 29th of July. The Walkabout for Change fundraiser, benefitting the Indigenous Community Volunteers, was created by Kelly Peyton and Jess Bowen to support their upcoming “Walkabout for Change” trek. Peyton said that she and Bowen are planning to start their eight day trek this September.

If you’re not familiar with Indigenous Community Volunteers, here’s some background. The charity and non-profit organisation was founded, according to the organisation’s site, to end Indigenous disadvantages and promote reconciliation. The vision the organisation wants to achieve is an Australia in which all Australians live in harmony and are allowed the same rights, rewards and opportunities. The organisation helps create relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and Australian communities, the private sector, and government through volunteer work.

The organisation’s practices are, states the website, inclusive and participatory, meaning that instead of doing things for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people without their consent, they are doing things with these communities in order to reach a common goal. The organisation’s volunteers are also able to live in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and learn more about their culture and the issues they face.

Peyton and Bowen got their friends involved to help drum up interest for the event. “We created a Facebook invitation and invited all of our friends and asked them to spread the word,” said Peyton. “That worked the best. We also made posters and stuff them around our workplaces.”

All of their hard work paid off. “ was great. We had 80 people at the venue who all really enjoyed themselves and got involved,” said Peyton. “We Todd Carney from the Cronulla Sharks NRL team turn up and donate a signed pair of his boots and some game tickets. The best part was drawing the raffles and seeing everyone excited about that.”

If you’re planning on creating a similar event, Peyton said to create interest using choice words. “Create some buzz. If it’s for a charity, grab a few ‘hot’ items that most people would love to win in a raffle,” she said. “Also find a venue that enjoys working with you to achieve the results you want.”

If you’d like to learn more about the Indigenous Community Volunteers, go to their official site and connect with the group on Facebook and Twitter.

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