Event of the Week: Woodturners Society of Queensland Raffle


Mt. Coot-tha Exhibition Raffle Celebrates the Artistry of Woodturning 

In Brisbane, Queensland art lovers recently enjoyed the Woodturners Society of Queensland Mt. Coot-tha Exhibition and Raffle, held November 30 and December 1. Many people who attend are regulars to the free exhibitions held every year, but hopefully others who saw all of the posters and banners for the event flocked to the Exhibition for some fun. At the Exhibition there are woodturning demonstrations, completed turned works, information about woodturning and a raffle of artistic woodturning.

Brian Creese gives talked more about the event and the Raffle prizes available to attendees.

“The Woodturners Society of Queensland Inc. has two free exhibitions each year, in August and November” said Creese. “Both exhibitions are held over a weekend at the Auditorium in Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, Brisbane.” At both of the events, there is generally a wide variety of handiwork on display. Such artistry includes varieties of bowls, platters, plates, kitchen items, and even Christmas ornaments, like the ones sold at the November 30/December 1. Also on hand were various woodturning demonstrations, showing the attendees exactly how these crafts are created.

For the Raffle, two prizes were selected–two woodturned items priced approximately $200 and $75. Creese said the Exhibition’s turnout was amazing with woodturning sales equaling around $16,000 and net raffle proceeds of $660.

This type of turnout can be attributed to the various ways in which the exhibitions are promoted. “The exhibitions are advertised by printed flyers, mailing list (e-mail and postal), street banners, and media releases,” said Creese. “Many of our visitors are regulars, who come along to at least one of the exhibitions each year.”

Usually when attendants come to  the exhibition, there’s a $5 entrance fee. However, this is the first year that there was no entrance fee, which Creese said helped increase visitors. “The visitors were more inclined to spend more on raffle tickets and woodturned items,” he said.

Overall the raffle was a huge success and Creese has advice for those of you are planning an Exhibition similar to the one hosted by the Woodturners Society of Queensland. “Make sure you pay attention to the overall aesthetics of the exhibition, first impressions as people come through the door is very important”.

If you want to know more about the Woodturners Society of Queensland upcoming events such as Exhibitions and raffles, or if you would like to learn more about the society in general and become a member, visit their website.

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