Event of the Week: That’ll Be the Night


The Adelaide Rock n’ Roll Club has fun with ‘50s and ‘60s Rock and Roll with the “That’ll Be the Night” Extravaganza

The Adelaide Rock n’ Roll Club celebrated their love of ‘50s and ‘60s rock and roll with their 8th November’s “That’ll Be the Night” Extravaganza. The event, which took place at Ridleyton’s Croatian Club, featured two bands, local band The Lincolns and Victoria-based band Sweet Rock.

The club originated in 1994; according to the club’s website, it “was formed by a small group of enthusiasts keen to see the renewed interest in ‘50s/’60s music and dancing nurtured, and to organise quality events.” Nowadays, the club has hundreds of members as well as a large slate of events, such as dances, Rock ‘n Roll Balls held at the Adelaide Town Hall, caravans and camping safaris, holidays in Tasmania, the Hot Rod show and dance, day trips by steam train, tribute and theme nights, and much more. Their rock and roll festival was once “one the biggest run by an Australian club.”

The group also issues a quarterly magazine for its members. The magazine features articles and news about ‘50s and ‘60s rock and roll, information, and full-color features.

Carole Austin of the Adelaide Rock n’ Roll Club stated that the club advertised their event in their club magazine and through the club’s Facebook page. The club also emailed their members to promote the event.

Facebook and email are one of the more popular ways our customers inform their audience about their events and products. Using social media and email as advertising tools are easy and effective ways to promote; as of last year, Smart Company stated that seven out of 10 Australians are active on social media and that the average consumer spends roughly a whole day online each week.

Austin provided us with some amazing pictures from the event, showing a packed house. Clearly, the social media and email promotion, as well as using traditional means like the club’s magazine, were highly effective. “The event was a huge success,” said Austin. You can see the great time everyone had for yourself in the pictures Austin sent to us. “A full house of 350 people rocked the joint, with the dance floor full at midnight,” states the group’s Facebook page.

If you’re in the Adelaide area, love rock and roll and want to learn more about the Adelaide Rock n’ Roll Club, click here to visit their website  and their Facebook page.

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