Fairies In My Garden’s “Over the Rainbow” Tea Party


Children Amazed, Patrons Celebrated 

Daughters and their parents alike had tons of fun at the Fairies In My Garden “Over the Rainbow” tea party event in Tyabb, Victoria. The party, which occurred on the 9th of December, was just as much a celebration for the children as it was for Fairies In My Garden, which aims to give back to the community.

According to the official site, Fairies In My Garden is a shop that offers handmade gifts such as palm and soy candles, natural soaps, melts for oil burners, fairy gifts, and more unique items. Customers can shop online or at the cottage-style gift shop on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. The shop also hosts fairy parties for little girls and boys who want to live in a woodland paradise for a day.

Kim Anderson of Fairies In My Garden said the “Over the Rainbow” event was a way to show the community the shop’s appreciation.
“Fairies In My Garden host a special event every year to showcase a new theme, as well these events are to say thank you for everyone’s support for the year,” she said. “This year’s theme was ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ a theme based on The Wizard of Oz and our main focused was the rainbow, this allowing children to be creative and come dressed up as whatever they wanted to be.”

Fairies In My Garden had a variety of ways to get the word out about their event. “We used Facebook, word of mouth, website, posters,” she said. “I would say Facebook and word of mouth were our best marketing. The whole 50 tickets were sold out and we even ended up adding more to our guest list, aged from 2 to 9 years old.”

The event was a fabulous foray into a child’s wonderland. “The whole event was so wonderful from the start to the end, rom the children dressed up, to our hosts for the morning, Dorothy and Glenda the good witch,” said Anderson. “We also had Rainbow Veti from Vetts Angelwings & Fairytales come and face paint 50+ children’s faces. Yummy themed cupcakes and cookies, games and prizes and so much more made the morning enjoyable for all.”

Parents who attended the event also had great things to say on the shop’s Facebook page. Overall, the families in attendance had a great time and one parent felt the event was the most organized children’s event they’d been to.

 The advice Anderson would have to anyone planning a similar event would be to plan well. “Lots of planning, sourcing and booking hosts ahead of time” is essential, according to Anderson. “Always put a well detailed plan together and mainly get your tickets sold as soon as you can,” she added. “Being able to design your own tickets allows keeping everything themed and adds to an overall professional look without costing the earth. We were able to design them quickly and the whole process was fuss-free and affordable.”

 You can learn more about Fairies In My Garden from its official site and Facebook page.

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