Be a Goat


How the Year of the Goat Can Influence Your Marketing and Promotional Tactics

It’s almost the Year of the Goat in the Chinese zodiac. Perhaps we weren’t all born as goats, but we can certainly take some of the goat attributes and apply them how we approach marketing and promotion.

“Smiley Goat”—Photo credit: Martin Cathrae/Creative Commons

China Highlights states that a person born under the sign of the goat is thought to be internally resilient while exhibiting a calm serenity on the outside. There’s a lot we can learn from these attributes, chief among them being to not resort to worrying when a project is currently not going our way.

If you’re in the middle of promoting an event and you feel you’re up to your neck in things to do, take a moment and relax. It might seem like everything’s going haywire, but as long as you have your wits about you, you’ll be able to pull out of whatever trouble you think you’re in.

Also, for those just getting into the planning stages of their events, take some time out to thoroughly plan what resources are needed to have a successful event. One of the reasons many organizers fall out of a goat mindset is because they haven’t properly planned for contingencies associated with the event itself. When making your preparations, always have two or three (or more) backup plans. Being over-prepared is better than being less prepared, and knowing you have everything under control will allow you to feel calm and internally peaceful, like a goat.

People born under the sign of the goat are also known for their creativity. Indulge in your creativity and set out to make your event the best it can possibly be. Think of new ways to showcase your group’s mission. For instance, if your group uses the same method in the hopes of attracting new members, think of other methods that could attract even more people.

People with the goat as their sign are also great when they’re working with others in a team. Be a little goat-like and make sure your team is working together in harmony. One of the ways an event can fall apart the fastest is if the team creating it don’t get along. To make your event calm and peaceful, be cognizant of having a peaceful working relationship with your teammates. If an issue comes up, talk it out immediately instead of leaving it to fester.

These are just a few ways you can be more like the goat in your marketing and promoting work. What other aspects of the goat personality appeal to you?

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