Teal Puts On a Show at Jacks Bar and Grill


Concert Beginning of Monthly Performances By Wise Monkey Entertainment

Patrons at Jacks Bar and Grill in Erina, NSW were treated to an awesome concert featuring the band Teal the 9th of February. The concert is one of many that has been organized by Wise Monkey Entertainment.

According to Jason Finlay of Wise Monkey Entertainment, the business is a new booking and promoting company that was founded in December 2012.

“This event was the debut of what will be a monthly gig called ‘Spank the Monkey,’” said Finlay. “Every month it will cover a different genre of music and showcase local, live, original bands.”

Finlay went over which types of campaigns helped spread the word about the concert.

“Posters, flyers and social media played a big part of making sure everyone knew about this event,” he said. “Each band was given a certain amount of pre-sale tickets to sell. They were also available from our sponsors, Born2Rock Studios and through our Facebook page.”

“We had around 100 pre-sales sold so that was great,” Finlay continued. “We had close to 150 people at this gig so that was great and definitely exceeded our expectations.”

The event went off the way Finlay and Wise Monkey Entertainment hoped it would.

“All the bands—Teal, Hustle Bones, Mystic Flare & The little Ghost—fantastic and were great to work with and really helped do their part in terms of promotion and they all played a great set,” he said. “Everything went to plan which made the day a great success. Planning gigs isn’t as easy as some people think and there is a lot of behind the scenes things that people don’t realise.”

Finlay said some advice he’d give to anyone wanting to set up their own show is to make sure you know exactly what you want to do.

“My personal advice to anyone wanting to put together a local show is to go for it, just make sure you have a clear vision of what you wish to do and have the necessary knowledge and know how to make sure it’s a success,” he said. “One bad show can ruin months of organising, so it is critical that everything you do is at its best.”

Another thing that could help future planners is to have pre-sale tickets. “Having the pre-sale tickets that we purchased…were a great help and gave us and the venue a great indication on how many people to expect and what we needed to plan for,” Finlay said, also adding. “We have our second show coming up on the 09th of March and pre-sale tickets…are on sale now.”

You can learn more about the upcoming events and pre-sale ticket information at Wise Monkey Entertainment’s Facebook page. You can learn more about Teal at their Facebook page.

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