Once Upon a Wine


Once Upon a Wine Brings a Bit of New England Wine Culture to New South Wales

An intimate group of New South Wales’ wine enthusiasts were treated to a taste of New England during the 16th of August’s Once Upon a Wine event. The event, created by Sam Watson of The Vino Geek, not only featured terrific wine tastings, but also acted as a learning opportunity for those thirsty for wine knowledge.

The Vino Geek is a website run by Watson, a self-proclaimed “young wine nerd” who is happy to share his love of wine with others. Watson is based in the New England region and loves bringing Australia the best of what the New England region has to offer.

There are many ways he helps connect the wine industry to wine consumers and restaurants, such as his business services (which include marketing assistance, social media set-up and management and event management) and wine and food selection commissions. But he also brings newcomers into wine culture by creating and hosting events like Once Upon a Wine. “Once Upon a Wine is a series of events to showcase the local wine of New England. They’re an information degustation that aims at widening people’s wine knowledge, while being able to have fun with a few friends and enjoy themselves,” wrote Watson.

To promote this event, Watson wrote that social media was “he main marketing tool.” “We were aiming it at a demographic that uses social media and was going to tag us in photos status updates, so this worked really well,” he wrote.

The event, Watson wrote, was sold out. “It was very intimate at 50 guests but to have a sell-out on the first event was great,” he wrote. “Everyone had a great night.”

The event even included an amazing opportunity only for those in attendance. “We were able to offer an exclusive to the event with the release of Merilba Estate’s 2013 Shiraz for the first time to the public,” he wrote.

If you’re creating an event similar to Watson’s he writes that the key to creating a great time is to “plan, plan and plan.” “You can never be too organised for these sorts of events,” he wrote. “It can certainly take out some of the issues that potentially could arise on the night.”

How are you planning for your events? Give your suggestions in the comments section below!

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