Working on a budget?


You can still pull off a top tier, professional promotion when you choose from the highly customisable Event Kits at Eventgroove. We’ve got all the elements to make your next promotion highly visible and unique to your cause. When you browse our gallery, you’ll find hundreds of designs to choose from. Our colourful collateral spans the spectrum of event needs, is professionally printed and won’t break your bank.

Whether you plan on celebrating a local cause in Liverpool or London, raising funds for your kids’ Cricket or Rugby team, or performing a Shakespeare production at your local theatre, we have an Event Kit to match your needs. All of our Posters, Flyers, Invitations and Event Tickets have plenty of space for the details of your next big gathering. Many of them have space for you to upload images of your performers and speakers or logos from your sponsors. With our custom Event Kits, you have the power to make any event uniquely yours without going over budget.

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